Recruitment FAQ

New Graduate Hiring

[Q] I would like to know the hiring schedule.
[A] We provide notification of hiring seminars and events on Gigaphoton's page of Rikunabi.
[Q] What procedures are necessary to participate in a hiring seminar (company presentation meeting)?
[A] Please make application through Rikunabi.
[Q] Is it absolutely necessary to attend a hiring seminar (company recruitment) to be able to make application for selection?
[A] Yes, you must attend. At a hiring seminar we describe an outline of the company and also describe technology used in the company. We think that this is a good opportunity for you to acquire an understanding of our company, so we ask you to be sure and attend the seminar before making application for selection.
[Q] I first heard about Gigaphoton from my senior at university. Please tell me the procedure for making application to join the company.
[A] First, contact the recruiting officer in the Personnel Section of the General Affairs Department of Gigaphoton at +81-285-28-8410.
[Q] Please tell me the flow of screening and the necessary number of days.
[A] Recruiting seminar >> Primary interview and written test >> Final interview >> Informal job offer
The necessary period from attending the seminar until receipt of an informal job offer is between one and one and a half months.
[Q] Please tell me about the training for new employees.
[A] New employees participate in Komatsu’s company-wide training for one month after the employees join the company. After the end of overall training, there is Gigaphoton’s training lasting until the middle of May, and practice training on site in Production Division and Customer Support Division. Afterwards, administrative employees are assigned to respective divisions. Technical employees are assigned in December after technical drawing training until the end of November.
[Q] Is there any difference in the screening method used for a graduate school student, an undergraduate student, and a technical high school student?
[A] There no difference in the method of screening according to educational background.
[Q] I am scheduled to graduate from an overseas university. Can I make application to join Gigaphoton?
[A] Of course you can.
[Q] Please tell me about working overseas.
[A] At present we have overseas bases in North America, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Holland. In the future, it will also be possible to go on business trips or be posted overseas.
[Q] I have already graduated, so can I make application for employment?
[A] Yes, you can. However, application is limited to persons who have no previous working experience and who graduated less than a year ago.
The screening method and treatment are the same as for newly graduated persons.
[Q] I am an undergraduate student majoring in science. Can I apply for a non-technical position?
[A] Yes, you can. If you are seeking a non-technical position, be sure to attend the appropriate information session.
[Q] When applying for a position, do I need to be good at English in order to enter your company?
[A] During the screening process, we do not place particular importance on English ability. However, because Gigaphoton is a global company, English is necessary as a business communication tool. After joining the company you should attend the in-house English conversation lessons, carry out self-enlightenment, and strive to improve your English ability.
[Q] How do you determine the job role/position of a new employee?
[A] During the training period after a person joins the company, the new employee is interviewed by the Personnel Section of the General Affairs Department, and is also asked about where he or she wishes to be posted. The posting destination is ultimately determined after taking into consideration the department to which the employee wishes to be posted, and also his or her aptitude.
[Q] Are there any female employees who continue working after marriage or giving birth?
[A] Yes, there are. We also have maternity leave、outpatient leave, and childcare leave systems, and provide support from the aspect of welfare.

General Hiring

A General applicant should also refer to the above FAQ as well as many of the questions are also pertinent

[Q] Is there an age limit on the job category?
[A] There is no age limit. We place importance on your experience and specialization.
[Q] Do you place restrictions on the age, sex or nationality of applications?
[A] We place no restrictions whatever on age, sex or nationality during application or screening.
[Q] Is it possible to change over from a different kind of occupation?
[A] Yes, it is. Even if you change over from a different kind of occupation, we will evaluate your specialized knowledge and skill fostered in your previous occupation(s), and proactively employ you.
[Q] Please describe the screen process after application, and also the screening period.
[A] Receipt of application documents >> Document screening >> Written test >> Informal job offer
The number of interviews is scheduled to be one or two. The period from when we receive your application documents until we make an informal job offer is between about one and one and a half months.
[Q] Can I have the application documents returned to me?
[A] Please note that we will not return your curriculum vitae or other documents that you submitted at the time of application.
[Q] Can I specify the location where I want to work?
[A] Please consult with us when sitting for an interview. Note that the interview is basically a turning point nationwide. Regardless of job classification, it is possible to change your employment location in the future.