Gigaphoton's Business

Gigaphoton have been developing and marketing user-friendly, highly innovative laser light sources and delivering them to major lithography tool suppliers in the global semiconductor industry. In addition, we have been aggressively working on the development and mass-production of Extreme Ultra Violet (EUV) light sources as the next-generation lithography light sources.

Gigaphoton's Success

Gigaphoton already has grown to dominate the Asian market including Japan with a large number of installed bases including most of major semiconductor device manufacturers in this region as the world’s leading excimer laser light source manufacturer. Gigaphoton also continues to enjoy rapid growth in the US and European markets.

Challenging New Technologies

emiconductors have continued to evolve toward next-generation device technologies. Based on a global business strategy, we will strive to be the No. 1 lithography light source provider by focusing on market needs in every phase of our business, from research and development to manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support.