Gigaphoton Introduces New Laser Monitoring Solution REDeeM Cloud

A New Application Platform Serving as a Foundation for Promoting Open Innovation

OYAMA, Japan: July 8, 2015 – Gigaphoton Inc., a leading manufacturer of lithography light sources has announced the launch of REDeeM Cloud, a new remote laser monitoring solution for Excimer lasers used in semiconductor manufacturing. REDeeM Cloud is a highly scalable and customizable solution based on the latest web technologies¾offering an open innovation platform that enables external partners to contribute to its evolution and allow the solution to be tailored to satisfy the specific needs of each user.

Utilizing REDeeM, the predecessor to REDeeM Cloud, Gigaphoton was able to realize great reductions in downtime, achieving extraordinarily high uptime ratios averaging 99.8 percent. However, as Moore's law continues to progresses and semiconductor manufacturers seek further cost reductions and miniaturizations, the laser is required to offer an even greater contribution towards maximizing process efficiency and performance. To achieve this, a highly flexible application platform for monitoring and analyzing broader and more detailed laser performance data is necessary. With the introduction of REDeeM Cloud, users will not only be able to monitor general laser analysis data, but it will also be possible to combine the data with a variety of optional features and hardware to customize the displays and analysis content to match each user’s requirements.

Based on the latest web application technologies and responsive design, the operation of REDeeM Cloud is not limited to a specific device, Operating Systems (OS), or screen size. It can be operated using virtually any standard web browser on PCs, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Furthermore, as part of Gigaphoton's initiative for promoting open innovation and collaborations, external partners and users will in the future be able to leverage REDeeM Cloud as a platform for developing their own unique features, extensions, and user interfaces.

“I am extremely happy that, with an advanced solution such as REDeeM Cloud, we have been able to take a first step toward realizing our future software development vision," said Hitoshi Tomaru, president and CEO of Gigaphoton. "I am confident that REDeeM Cloud will serve as a basis for accelerating our collaborations with external partners and users to deliver solutions that greatly contribute to the semiconductor industry.”

Gigaphoton plans to begin rolling out REDeeM Cloudto its customers in July.

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