Notification of Appointment of New President

As of 1st April 2017, Katsumi Uranaka has been appointed as President & CEO for GIGAPHOTON INC.

Also, at the same time, the previous President, Hitoshi Tomaru has been appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Since its establishment in August 2000, GIGAPHOTON has currently grown to owning over 50% of the market share of the excimer laser market for semiconductor lithography. (According to our survey) This is due to the Company’s high quality and high reliability products, as well as the deployment of a world-wide customer support system. Also, we have designated from FY2016 as the new stage of development. Upholding the slogan “Challenge for NEXT Growth”, we are starting work on developing a system to enable full-scale mass production of EUV light sources, which are the next generation light sources for lithography applications; as well as starting work on business opportunities for the application of the excimer laser for new industries.

Henceforth, with a new company organization under the leadership of Katsumi Uranaka, we aim to accelerate our activities and with our customers, aim for the next growth.


Katsumi Uranaka


<Brief History>

Date of Birth 1st January 1962

Graduated Tohoku University, Faculty of Mechanical Technology, 2nd Mechanical Course (March 1984)

Career Highlights:

April 1984       Entered Komatsu Ltd.

August 2000   Manager of Production Division, GIGAPHOTON INC.

April 2007      General Manager of Manufacturing Division

April 2008       Executive Officer and General Manager of Production Division

June 2012      Director, Senior Executive Officer and General Manager of Global Subsidiaries     Management Division

April 2015      Director, Senior Executive Officer and General Manager of Corporate Planning Division

April 2017     President & CEO