Gigaphoton Establishes New Company in China

November 1, 2019

Oyama, Tochigi; November 1, 2019 -- GIGAPHOTON Inc. (Head Office: Oyama, Tochigi; President & CEO: Katsumi Uranaka), a manufacturer of light sources used in semiconductor lithography, announced the establishment and start of business for a new company GIGAPHOTON CHINA Inc. in China.

Up until now, Gigaphoton’s service support in China has been conducted by Komatsu Industries Shanghai Ltd.’s optical machinery division. To expand business in China and strengthen governance, Gigaphoton China Inc. has been established as a subsidiary of Komatsu China Ltd., the regional headquarters of Komatsu, which is the parent company of Gigaphoton. Effective November 1, control of operations is transferred from Komatsu Industries Shanghai Ltd. to Gigaphoton China Inc.

Katsumi Uranaka, President & CEO of Gigaphoton said, “Through Gigaphoton China Inc., Gigaphoton will work to strengthen its support system with eight locations within China. We will continue to provide our customers with outstanding products and further improved service support in China, which is an important location for the semiconductor manufacturing industry.”

  • Firm name: GIGAPHOTON CHINA Inc.
  • Address: Room703, Building E, Chamtime Plaza, NO.6, Lane 2889, Jinke Rd., Pudong New District, Shanghai 201203 China
  • Established: November 1, 2019
  • Legal representative: Yasuhiro Inagaki
  • Business details: Service and support for excimer lasers used for semiconductor lithography in China




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