4-kHz ArF Excimer Laser for 80-nm Technology Node


Main Features

  • Spectral bandwidth (FWHM) improved from 0.35 pm (G41A) to 0.3 pm to allow exposure of 80-nm geometries based on the G41A
  • Use of highly durable parts for each module to prolong the optical module life and further reduce CoO
  • Laser chamber: Use of highly durable parts for the electrodes
  • Line-narrowing module, monitor module, etc.: Use of highly durable materials for the optics

Major Specifications*

Wavelength 193 nm
Average Output 20 W
Pulse Energy 5.0 mj
Repetition Rate 4,000 Hz
Bandwidth (FWHM) 0.3 pm
Bandwidth (E95) 0.75 pm
(*) Each of the above specification values represents a typical value