We at Gigaphoton have been promoting our business activities with the goal of “Enhancing the quality and reliability of our products and achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction.”

Gigaphoton’s laser products now account for approximately 50% of the world market share as of 2019. This clearly demonstrates that our highly-reliable laser products can withstand the stringent mass-production environment in leading-edge semiconductor fabs. Behind our highly reliable laser products are dedicated, quality-conscious employees who constantly engage in quality improvement activities, and our vigorous marketing, R&D, and manufacturing efforts to meet market needs immediately.

Gigaphoton has applied its quality-oriented approach to all of its operations including marketing, sales, development, manufacturing, and customer support. In particular, this system allows the requirements for product quality from the users and customer support to be immediately provided as feedback to the Development and Manufacturing Divisions and reflected in the design and manufacture of further reliable components and products.

Let us introduce you to how we create quality in our products, with a focus on our Reliability Enhancement Activities—which is in addition to our regular quality improvement activities—our State-of-the-Art Factory that allows highly efficient mass-production of our excimer laser products, and "Gino Juku", a unique employee training system that supports our high-quality products.