Gino Juku

“Gino Juku - In Pursuit of Ultimate Skills”

The high quality and high reliability of Gigaphoton laser products was not achieved in a day. Maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-evolving semiconductor industry requires a brand new training system that allows each employee to fully understand quality issues and to enhance his or her skill level. Let us introduce you to “Gino Juku”, a training system that was voluntarily started by one employee. Gino Juku is now catching attention from inside and outside the company as a unique training school that plays an important role in Gigaphoton’s employee training system today.

Haruhide Ajima

Chief Of “Gino Juku” Haruhide Ajima

The founder of Gino Juku is Haruhide Ajima, Manufacturing Group Manager of the Production Division, one of the employees who has worked in the Manufacturing Division since Gigaphoton was a business division of Komatsu. According to Ajima, one day in 1996 he asked a fellow employee, “Why the long face?” This one comment led him to start giving personal skill training to his colleagues. At the time, he had been asking himself “What do we need to do to manufacture a product that satisfies all the requirements of the Development Division?” Employees are actually under enormous pressure and must face a variety of challenges to finish the advanced designs created by the Development Division as mass-produced products. Ajima came up with the idea that making a high-quality product requires high-quality skills. So, he thought, “Let’s start by developing manufacturing skills.” Since then, by drawing on his rich experience he has been able to teach a variety of skills to employees who are eager to learn, even after regular work hours. The number of students in his personal lessons has increased every year. Several years after Gigaphoton was founded, his personal lessons turned into “Ajima Juku” or “Ajima School.” The success of Ajima Juku was recognized throughout the entire company. In 2007, the company decided to officially incorporate Ajima Juku as Gino Juku into its employee training system. Gino Juku already has already produced 80 graduates, and it has been playing an important role in enhancing the quality of Gigaphoton products.

Gino Juku’s Missions

Enhance personal skills and develop a repertoire of techniques. Concentrate individual skills to raise the level of workmanship. Nurture the No.1 laser technicians in the world.

These three mission statements are “musts” for Gigaphoton to achieve the quality and reliability that our customers are looking for. At Gigaphoton, every employee is aggressively working on developing his or her competence every day to enhance customer satisfaction.

Scene Of Gino Juku

Scene Of Gino Juku

Curriculum of Gino Juku

  • Freshmen Training
    • Safety Education and Gas Handling Skill Test
    • Assembly Basics and Skill Test
    • Adjustment and Inspection Basics and Skill Test
    • Refresher Training
    • Regular Skill Test
  • Parts Inspection, Assembly Basics, and Case studies
    • Participation in the Oyama Technology Olympics in the Oyama Factory of Komatsu
    • Participation in the All Komatsu Technology Olympics
  • Preparation for Technical Skill Tests
    • Assembly of Power Distribution and Control Panels
    • Assembly and Finish of Machines
    • Maintenance of Mechanical and Electrical System
    • Machine Inspection
  • Skill Practice for Electrician License
    • Second-class Electrician
  • Vocational Trainer Test
  • Study Sessions for Various Licenses and Subjects

Action Plan for Tomorrow

  • Nurturing Specialists
  • Expanding Special Subjects for Gino Juku Trainer System
  • Establishing a Technical Skill Training System for Global Support

Gino Juku is partially based on a traditional Japanese educational approach called “Shi-juku,” or “private tutoring school,” which reflects self-initiative and creates a learning environment that fosters skills in a free-minded and high spirit. Starting with the unique idea of a single employee, Gino Juku will continue to be a driving force for the enhancement of our products’ quality and reliability as we seek to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.