Reliability Enhancement Activities

To maximize our customers’ satisfaction, Gigaphoton has developed the following three activities and is working to improve laser reliability:

  • Set the market quality indicators demanded by users
  • Establish a companywide quality assurance system
  • Promote quality improvement activities involving supply chains

Set the Market Quality Indicators Demanded by Users

Gigaphoton believes that the reliability of its lasers is a yardstick for measuring users’ levels of satisfaction and demand for quality. Gigaphoton firmly believes that it can contribute to enhancing both the productivity and profits of our customers by improving the reliability and availability of its laser light sources. To this end, Gigaphoton has adopted such market reliability indicators as reliability measurement (MTBI: Mean Time Between Interrupts, and MTBF: Mean Time Between Failure) , availability and maintainability (MTTR: Mean Time To Repair).

Establish a Company-wide Quality Assurance System

To infuse quality into products at the development, prototype, or mass-production preparation stages, Gigaphoton believes that high yield at the outset of mass production, shortening of the manufacturing cycle and reduction of costs, constant prevention of nonconformities, and achievement of greater reliability in the field are critical. Gigaphoton strives to achieve tireless improvement of designs and processes by having all concerned divisions — Development, Production, Marketing, Customer Support (CS), and Quality Assurance — participate in, and confirm and examine, productivity and quality.

Promote Quality Improvement Activities Involving Supply Chains

The Production Division at Gigaphoton advances both top-down and bottom-up Kaizen activities and endeavors to achieve perfect quality assurance so that we can supply our customers with the best-quality lasers in the world.
Excimer lasers are also assembled from many components from our suppliers. Naturally, these components must be of the best quality in order to improve the quality of our lasers. Gigaphoton shares quality improvement targets with our suppliers, cooperates to reach these targets, and aims to establish a quality assurance system that spans the entire supply chain.
In order to efficiently and continuously execute these three activities, Gigaphoton has created a roadmap for improving its market quality indicators, and the status of achieving these goals is constantly monitored and shared by the Marketing, Sales, Development, Production, and Customer Support Divisions. To improve these indicators, Gigaphoton has implemented a four-step iterative cycle; Plan, Do, Check, and Act (the PDCA Cycle). As a measure for improving reliability, all divisions within the company unite to advance quality assurance activities in order to improve and maintain the PDCA cycle levels. These activities have been positioned as companywide activities, and Gigaphoton executes the cycle every day.

PDCA Cycle