State-of-the-Art Factory

state-of-the-art factory

Gigaphoton’s laser light sources are manufactured at its state-of-the-art Oyama factory, on the premises of its headquarters. The Production Division at Gigaphoton has combined leading-edge information technology with the most advanced production technology, while promoting aggressive "Kaizen" Quality Control (QC) activities with the full participation of all employees. The result is high productivity of the most advanced excimer laser units. Moreover, the Production Division has focused on achieving environmentally-conscious manufacturing to ensure that employees as well as the local community can live healthy and high-quality lives.

Factory Overview

Three features of Gigaphoton’s factory:

  • High quality
  • High productivity
  • A high level of environmental consciousness

Our excimer laser light sources are manufactured at a dedicated cleanroom factory consisting cleanrooms of Class 5 through Class 8 (ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards)/ Class 100 through Class 100,000 (US FED STD 209E cleanroom standards). The work flow of the Production Division encompasses sections devoted to Parts Management, Assembly, and Inspection.

Manufacturing Flow

Parts Management Section

The Parts Management Section receives, inspects, stores, selects, delivers, and cleans the parts:

  • Selects and delivers the parts in a timely manner to the Assembly Section, based on instructions from the Production Management System.
  • Maintains online communication between the production management system and the automated warehouse in order to exchange information on the parts to be delivered and ensure efficient parts delivery.
  • Uses the most advanced measuring instruments, such as full-automatic 3D measuring instruments with the AI functions and high-precision interferometers, to completely inspect all received parts and ensure their quality.

Assembly Section

At the Assembly Section, we use the proper cell production method 1) and line production method 2) corresponding to the characteristics of each module.
The line production method is used for assembling ArF and KrF laser frames.
Chambers are assembled in a booth of high cleanliness within a cleanroom.
All assembly work is performed by experienced professionals in accordance with precise electronic manuals to ensure high quality.
All critical management indices are recorded in the Quality Management System.

  • Cell production is a production method in which one or more worker stake charge of all the processes of parts mounting, assembly, machining, and inspection at a work bench called a “cell.” This method is best suited to high-mix, low-volume production.
  • Line production is a production method used to manufacture a large volume of a single product in a specified period of time. This system and best suited to the mass production of a product.

Inspection Section

Inspection Cell
Post-assembly inspection is conducted by the cell production method, with a single staff member in charge of multiple cells. The use of automated inspection equipment allows automatic inspection on a 7x24 basis, thus shortening the manufacturing lead-time and enhancing productivity.

Environmentally Friendly Factory

At Gigaphoton’s Production Division, all staff members participate in various “Kaizen” activities and make every effort to achieve complete quality management. This ensures timely delivery of our world-highest-quality laser light sources to our customers worldwide.