Gigaphoton provides top-quality customer support, focusing on the following three major strategies:

Reinforcement of periodic preventive maintenance

To ensure stable operation of the laser unit and prevent avoidable downtime, it is essential to perform periodic preventive maintenance through daily monitoring and diagnosis of the unit running status to uncover early signs of trouble.

  • We monitor the unit operation status, analyze the status based on the monitored data, and provide the customer with a periodic diagnostic report
  • As a basis for proposing optimization of the unit condition, this report is useful not only for preventing avoidable downtime but also for enhancing productivity

In 2001, we developed and introduced to the field a remote diagnosis tool, “REDeeM (Remote Equipment Data Management),” to promote preventive maintenance. REDeeM has been introduced by a number of customers to date. REDeeM makes full use of the Internet to enable real-time sharing of unit running data with our customers, thus helping to speed up preventive maintenance and countermeasures against trouble.

In addition, Gigaphoton released the open platform "FABSCAPE™" in 2018, the monitoring solution for semiconductor manufacturing, contributing to solving a variety of customer productivity challenges.

Improvement of service skills

We at Gigaphoton are aiming at minimizing the downtime at occurrence of trouble to enhance the uptime of laser. To achieve this goal, we are working on further enhancement of total service capability, including the skills of our engineers, in order to further reduce downtime by shortening the time required for troubleshooting and replacement of modules or parts.

  • At Gigaphoton, engineering and technical information on the laser units is shared by all of our service bases worldwide via our customer support network. This allows us to accumulate technical information systematically and easily, and to easily and quickly deliver the latest technical information worldwide.
  • Regarding the training of engineers, we offer not only training courses on the latest ArF and KrF lasers, but also a wide range of training courses such as for older laser models, troubleshooting and skills of customers.

Speedy and optimum supply of spare parts

  • Using REDeeM, we predict the replacement period of the laser unit anywhere across the globe from our customer's operating status and module life. Through this we predict long-term trends concerning the supplying of parts, and thus establish an optimal production system.
  • The specific replacement plan and inventory status at each site is updated in real time by an Internet-based system, and this information can be ascertained at our headquarters in Oyama. As a result, we supply parts in a timely manner.