Gigaphoton’s laser units have achieved an extremely high uptime (more than 99.7%). However, prompt and rapid repair and recovery at occurrence of trouble is required to further reduce downtime. The REDeeM system is an extremely powerful service tool for the preventive maintenance (PM) and a valuable troubleshooting/diagnostic tool at occurrence of trouble.

REDeeM has two reporting functions:

  • An Online PM Report: This allows almost real-time assessment of the mid- and long-term operation status of each major component, such as a laser chamber, and thus is effective for preventive maintenance.




  • An Event Trigger Report: This sends an e-mail message to the user and field service engineer immediately upon occurrence of trouble, thus speeding up response to the down condition.


Benefits from the Introduction of REDeeM

  • Faster service response time
    For users who have introduced REDeeM, the same information can be immediately shared among the semiconductor manufacturer, lithography tool manufacturer, and Gigaphoton’s field service and development engineers, thus enabling quick service response.
  • Great reduction of the equipment management burden
    For users who have a number of units installed, REDeeM allows centralized control of the operation status of each laser unit via the Web, thus reducing the equipment management burden upon the users’ engineers.
  • Reduction of running cost
    The REDeeM system enables easy and optimum management of the operation of multiple laser units, thus contributing to a substantial reduction of the running cost.