Gigaphoton's Training Program

We consider it essential to provide our customers with comprehensive and top-quality training regarding the operation and maintenance of our state-of-the-art excimer laser units. At Gigaphoton, we offer a variety of effective and practical training programs according to the customer level and needs.
There are two types of training: “off-site training” at our headquarters in Oyama and “on-site training” conducted at the customer site using the laser unit installed in the production line.
Each training program is taught in a professional manner by trainers familiar with the laser unit. Training is conducted in a dedicated training room with a complete set of manuals, simulator, and an actual laser unit.

Lecture at Off-site Training

Lecture at Off-site Training
Training in Clean Room

Training in Clean Room

Training Plans

On-site Training

Location Customer’s factory (where the laser units are installed)
Program Operator training
Target Audience Tool Operator

Off-site Training
*The off-site training consists of lectures in a training room and practical training in a clean room.

Location Oyama Training Center at Gigaphoton’s headquarters
Target Audience
Supervisor training / Equipment manager at the factory
Service training / service engineers