Total Cost of Ownership

This tool will allow you to estimate the overall cost of operating your current or projected laser install base.


Select the currency you want to use for this calculation.


Downtime Cost

The first step is to understand your downtime cost. This serves as a baseline for determining the impact of Gigaphoton's TGM options to your ownership cost.


Total: Thousand JPY/Hour

Power Consumption

The second step is to enter the price per kilo-watt hour of you electricity bill.


Electricity Rate: JPY/KWh

Gas Consumption

The third step is to enter the price per liter you pay for all the gases the laser uses.


Ar/Ne: JPY/Liter
Ar/F2/Ne: JPY/Liter
N2: JPY/Liter
He: JPY/Liter

The final step is to simply click the "Calculate" button below to see an estimate of the total operational cost of your laser install base.