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Gigaphoton’s EUV Pilot Light Source Sets New World Record by Achieving 5% Conversion efficiency

10/24/2016 - Latest News

Pilot light source for EUV lithography mass production plants achieves stable average output of 100W […]

GIGAPHOTON employees take part in “National Skills Competition” in Japan

10/07/2016 - Latest News

From 21st of October to 24th, the “National Skills Competition” will be held in Yamagata Prefecture, […]

Gigaphoton Achieves a 10,000 Kiloliter Annual Reduction of Helium Gas Consumption

09/28/2016 - Latest News

Company Aims to Globally Expand its World’s First Helium-Free Purging Process Oyama, Japan — Gigapho […]

SID Display Week Exhibition report

07/12/2016 - Latest News

Gigaphoton exhibited at “SID Display Week”, which was held in San Francisco from the 24th to the 26t […]