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Gigaphoton Achieves a Decrease in Collector Mirror Reflectance of -0.4 % / Bpls for EUV Pilot Light Sources

09/12/2017 - Latest News

Oyama, Tochigi; September 12, 2017 — Gigaphoton Inc., a leading manufacturer of light sources used […]

Gigaphoton Develops Spectral Width Control Technology “hMPL”

09/12/2017 - Latest News

Changing spectral width target values in response to increased semiconductordemand for the IoT Oyama […]

Interview with Director Satoru Tanaka

07/21/2017 - Interviews

Director Senior Executive Officer Satoru Tanaka Satoru Tanaka took up his post as a director at Giga […]

Gigaphoton’s New Head Office Building Completed

07/06/2017 - Latest News

Handling increased sales due to the company’s larger market share and further business expansion Oya […]