Gigaphoton empowers customers’ technicaladvancements through exceptional quality andprecision light-source technologies and solutions

Chips are made with light


Did you know that almost all of the chips in products you use every day are made with light?

From mobile phones to computers, cars, refrigerators, and washing machines, virtually every item you use today depends on a tiny square component called semiconductor chips or just “chips” to function. Without chips all of these products would not exist or evolve, and without a very special kind of light called excimer lasers, most of these chips would not exist …

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    Quality & Reliability

    Our relentless pursuit of "kaizen" is at the heart of our ability to manufacture products with the industry's highest level of quality and reliability

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    We believe that the creation and implementation of problem/solution-oriented technologies is the best answer to fulfilling the needs of our customers in today's highly dynamic and complex semiconductor industry

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    At the core of Gigaphoton's sustainability policy is a shared commitment with our parent company Komatsu - to empower a future where people, businesses and our planet can thrive together

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    Service & Support

    The primary mission of our service and support is to maximize the availability and uptime of our light sources for our customers


The Future is Today

Gigaphoton is committed to not only offering products and service with exceptional quality, performance, and reliability, but also equally committed to achieving this with the lowest level of impact on our environment

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With locations in over 20 cities worldwide, Gigaphoton is trusted by the biggest names in the semiconductor industry. We play a crucial role in helping our customers innovate and meet challenges through collaboration and high-quality, advanced technology solutions