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Core Policy

At the core of Gigaphoton's sustainability policy is a shared commitment with our parent company Komatsu - to empower a future where people, businesses and our planet can thrive together.


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About Sustainability Life

Durable Products

Almost all of the products we have shipped worldwide since our incorporation in 2000 are still in active use today, creating chips that empower the electronic products you use daily. Our lasers are capable of sustaining incredible uptimes of well over 99% for over 20 years.

About Sustainability CO2

Carbon Neutrality

Our products are not only built to be durable, they are also designed to be environmentally friendly. Furthermore, our focus on innovating green technologies apply not only to our new products but also help customers' legacy products become more environmentally friendly and reduce carbon footprint.

About Sustainability Supplier

Shared Values with Suppliers

Our sustainability values and mission are also shared by all of our supply chain partners. We strive to work together with our suppliers to set goals and metrics for reducing carbon footprint, and continue manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

About Sustainability Diversity

Workplace Diversity

Gigaphoton's strength comes from the incredible talent and vision of our diverse workforce. We strive to create a workplace environment that values and encourages all employees and partners to be an integral part of our growth and innovation process.