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Proven Technology

Since 2000, Gigaphoton has provided the semiconductor industry with high-performance, advanced lithography light sources by leveraging its original “Laser Technologies” and “Optical Measurement Technologies.” In this way, we have made a great contribution to our customers.

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Innovation at our Core

We at Gigaphoton always give top priority to working on solutions for our customers' problems. We consider the “Creation and Implementation of Problem/Solution-oriented Technologies” to be the only answer to the needs of our customers in today's ever-evolving semiconductor industry. In order to drive innovations in photolithography, we will make further contributions to our customers by focusing on our core "Laser Technologies" and "Optical Measurement Technologies" based on the proactive total design concept.

Giga Twin™ Platform

Our products are quipped with our unique GigaTwin platform that uses injection locking technology to meet the high power laser requirements for today's semiconductor manufacturing. The laser unit using this method incorporates two laser chambers (twin-chamber configuration), each of which is mounted with an optical resonator. In this configuration, one chamber emits a low-output, narrow-bandwidth laser while the other chamber amplifies the laser beam from the first chamber to the maximum level.

About Technology Green

Green Technology

We create technology not only to offer the highest level of performance and reliability but also to do this while minimizing environmental impact. The unique Giga-Twin design allows our lasers to run with extreme power efficiency, translating to cost savings for our customers through efficiency.

Software Technology

We are a strong advocate of open and collaborative software systems. With Fabscape® we offer customers a unique highly customizable open platform for monitoring, managing, and analyzing fab equipment. Fabscape® can be used for not only Gigaphoton products but also virtually any vendor equpment through customizations.