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Semiconductor Manufacturing Survey Reveals Insights to End Chip Shortage

01/11/2022 - Latest News

Gigaphoton survey reveals important data that can unleash intelligence for the semiconductor industr […]

Gigaphoton Begins Mass Production of Its Latest KrF Light Source Model ‘G60K’

12/02/2021 - Latest News

Contributing Greatly to Improving the Availability and Sustainability of Equipment by Adopting the L […]

The Latest “State-of-the Art” ArF Immersion Lithography Light Source “GT66A” Qualified into HVM

10/27/2021 - Latest News

Achieving enhanced yield and tool availability with the latest technology to meet the rapid increase […]

Gigaphoton to Boost Production Capacity for Excimer Laser Light Sources

09/15/2021 - Latest News

Production Capacity to Double to Respond to a Significant Increase in Market Demand September 15, 20 […]