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GIGAPHOTON Announces Seven Major Semiconductor Chipmakers Implement FABSCAPE™ data products

12/19/2018 - Latest News

December 19, 2018 Contributing to improved user productivity and yield through operational monitorin […]

Mizoguchi, Vice President at Gigaphoton, receives Kenjiro Sakurai Memorial Award and gives commemorative speech

12/13/2018 - Latest News , Awards

December 13, 2018 Recognition of accomplishments for new technology and a pioneering role in the opt […]

Okinawa Ginougorin Participation Results

12/04/2018 - Latest News

Two Gigaphoton employees who participated in the 56th National Skill Competition (Okinawa Ginougorin […]

Impact assessment of the Earthquakes in Hokkaido upon GIGAPHOTON’s Business

09/07/2018 - Latest News

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to the people who had deceased and the affected people […]