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Gigaphoton is a company full of youth and vitality which is aiming to develop a global business using the latest technology in the semiconductor industry. Gigaphoton has achieved a shipment of more than 1,500 Excimer Lasers for Lithography Applications and we are committed to the further development toward 2020, 20th anniversary of the founding of Gigaphoton. We are steadily developing EUV which is the next-generation lithography light source and lasers for different fields utilizing lithography light source.

Gigaphoton was an adventure from the outset

Komatsu, the forerunner of Gigaphoton, was first in the world to develop and commercialize excimer lasers for Lithography Applications. Gigaphoton had its beginnings as a starry-eyed group centered on young engineers who possessed a great pioneering spirit. Our world-leading development ability, our production engineering ability which createed reliability, and our marketing ability which instantly turned semiconductor manufacturers into Giga-fans were the results of the efforts made by our up-and-coming employees. Wouldn't you like to develop your latent talents under such senior employees?

Help make Gigaphoton a world-class company

Gigaphoton has accounted for approximately half of a share of the worldwide semiconductor lights source market. We seek people who wish to pursue their possibilities fully, be active worldwide, and take up the challenge of developing leading semiconductor technology. Why don't you join Gigaphoton to walk the world's roads together with us?
We need you who want to be the number one to be the number one.