SID Display Week Exhibition report

Gigaphoton exhibited at “SID Display Week”, which was held in San Francisco from the 24th to the 26th of May 2016. Currently, Gigaphoton is developing Excimer Lasers for annealing processes in FPD (flat panel display) fabrication, as part of the new “GIGANEX” brand series which expands the range of applications for Excimer Lasers, and the company has already delivered prototypes to customers. The goal of the exhibition was to market “GIGANEX” widely to the FPD industry.

At the exhibition booth, the main product lineup (KrF, ArF Lasers) was displayed in addition to the “GIGANEX” XeF Laser (351nm/80mJ/ 6kHz), and with the many exhibition participants that visited the booth and the news coverage that was received, the event raised the profile of Gigaphoton in the FPD industry.

Additionally, prototype panels using “GIGANEX” as the light source were exhibited at the event by panel manufacturers, which created a buzz and were covered by the media.

<Some of the exhibition panels>

Pull Up Panel_B0330_1

<Exhibition scene>



“GIGANEX”, a new type of Excimer Laser that utilizes Gigaphoton’s advanced technology developed in semiconductor lithography, is a new brand of Excimer Laser for fields such as semiconductor fabrication other than FPD fabrication, flexible device processes and lithography. Together with partners who jointly develop new innovations, Gigaphoton will continue to seek out new possibilities for Excimer Lasers and propose GIGANEX solutions.

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