Gigaphoton Announces a New Model of ArF Excimer Light Source: the GT65A

Supports cutting-edge immersion lithography process shrinking while also reducing environmental impact; GT65A is scheduled to ship in 2017

OYAMA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Gigaphoton Inc. (Head Office: Oyama, Tochigi; President & CEO: Hitoshi Tomaru;, a leading manufacturer of light sources used in lithography, has announced the GT65A, a new ArF excimer light source intended for use in cutting-edge immersion lithography. The new product is scheduled to ship sometime in 2017.

The GT65A supports sub 10 nm lithography processes by further evolving the unsurpassed spectral control technologies for which the Gigaphoton ArF platform is renowned. The GT65A comes standard-equipped with environmental impact reducing technologies that include Helium-free operation under all operating conditions and compatibility with hTGM, the company's Neon gas recycling systems.

Regarding spectral control of the GT65A, it comes standard-equipped with two new technologies. The first of these is "eMPL Solid," which improves spectral performance stability at a level 400% higher than with existing functionality. eMPL Solid achieves an impressively high level of spectral width (E95) stability at ±5 fm in each exposure field, contributing to improved uniformity in critical dimensions (CD). The other new technology is "hMPL," which controls E95 by keeping them between 200 and 450 fm. hMPL contributes to maximizing the process window by optimizing E95 according to lithography process.

And Gigaphoton's Helium free and hTGM technologies, which come standard on the GT65A, have been developed in line with Gigaphoton's EcoPhotonTM program. These technologies not only reduce environmental impact, but also drastically reduce the risks of future Helium and Neon gas supply shortages and price hikes, thereby Gigaphoton commits providing better sustainability for customers as well.

Hitoshi Tomaru, President & CEO of Gigaphoton says, "Our new GT65A is one of the solutions we have made available to the semiconductor chip manufacturer that is ceaselessly engaged in the challenge of chip size shrinking. It is also a testament to the commitment we have made to the industry since our founding and our contribution to lithography equipment manufacturers. Gigaphoton is committed to continued investment in technology to improve lithography performance."

Gigaphoton's ArF excimer light sources, including the GT65A, will be announced at the upcoming international symposium on advanced lithography, "SPIE Advanced Lithography 2017," to be held from February 26 to March 2 in San Jose, California.

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