Gigaphoton Employees Won in Tochigi Ginougorin and Acquired Tochigi Meister Certificate

The 55th National Skills Competition, Tochigi Ginougorin/Abilympics 2017 were held in Tochigi, Japan between November 24 and 27, 2017, and Yuya Fukuda, a Gigaphoton employee from Manufacturing Section 1, Production Division, competed as the representative for Tochigi Prefecture and won a bronze in the Industrial Control Category.

The very first Ginougorin was held in Japan in 1963. It is a National Skills Competition aimed at nurturing the skills of young technicians, aged 23 and younger, who will support the future of Japan, as well as raising awareness about the importance of monozukuri; the Japanese philosophy of design and manufacturing. This year, the participating technicians competed in 42 job categories to become the best in Japan.

In April 2016, Gigaphoton initiated full-scale training for the Ginougorin at the company’s training site, Ginou Juku, and within less than two years, Gigaphoton managed to win a bronze. It was also to be Tochigi’s first brilliant feat in the Industrial Control Category.

Meanwhile, Haruhide Ajima, the Head of Manufacturing Section 1, Production Division, who trained Yuya Fukuda to win the bronze, was certified as a Tochigi Meister technician (in the Electrical Equipment Assembly Category) by the Governor of Tochigi Prefecture on November 1, 2017. In order to become a Tochigi Meister-certified technician, one has to have excellent skills and abilities, not to mention a record of winning national/prefectural competitions and a track record in human resource development, to meet stringent criteria. Ajima’s caliber met these criteria and he became the eighth Tochigi Meister-certified technician in the above-mentioned category.

Katsumi Uranaka, President & CEO of Gigaphoton commented, “I am very pleased about the bronze award and the certification. These achievements show how steadily the high capabilities of Gigaphoton are passed down from highly skilled and experienced staff to young staff through sound training. We at Gigaphoton shall continue to provide products that boast the highest technology and quality in the industry and continue with commitment to our customers.”


At the award ceremony / Winner Yuya Fukuda on the screen