Okinawa Ginougorin Participation Results

Two Gigaphoton employees who participated in the 56th National Skill Competition (Okinawa Ginougorin / Abilympics 2018), held in Okinawa Prefecture from November 2 to 5, 2018, achieved great success by winning a bronze prize and the fighting spirit prize, respectively, in the Industrial Control category. This was the second year in a row our company has won a bronze prize.

Bronze prize, won by Shunta Kazamaki, Manufacturing Section 1, Production Division
Fighting spirit prize, won by Yuya Fukuda, Manufacturing Section 1, Production Division

This was Kazamaki’s first time competing, while Fukuda has competed for three years running. Last year’s event in Tochigi Prefecture was his first time winning the bronze. Both employees competed this year, and Tochigi Prefecture, which is where the headquarters of Gigaphoton are located, won a special prize as a team.

The level of competition in the Industrial Control category has risen year by year, attracting strong competitors from traditional companies across Japan, and 18 people competed in the category this year, an increase over the previous year. It was under these circumstances that two Gigaphoton employees both won awards — a spectacular outcome for the company’s third time participating in the event.

Katsumi Uranaka, President and CEO of Gigaphoton, made the following comment: “I am very pleased that both contestants won prizes on this occasion. This is evidence of the high technical standards of Gigaphoton and how reliably we pass those standards on to young employees. We will forever continue to be a company that benefits its customers by providing industry-leading technology and quality.”

Fighting spirit prize-winner Fukuda (left) and bronze prize winner Kazamaki