Mizoguchi, Vice President at Gigaphoton, receives Kenjiro Sakurai Memorial Award and gives commemorative speech

December 13, 2018

Recognition of accomplishments for new technology and a pioneering role in the optoelectronics industry


On February 7, 2018, Kenjiro Sakurai Memorial Award was awarded to Hakaru Mizoguchi, Vice President & CTO, Junichi Fujimoto, Executive Officer and Deputy General Manager of Research, and Koji Kakizaki, Research Department Manager from Gigaphoton, together with Shuntaro Watanabe, emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo, for the theme of Research, Development and Implementation of a High-Output ArF Excimer Laser for Semiconductor Lithography.


Sponsored by the Optoelectronics Industry and Technology Development Association and in memory of (the late) Kenjiro Sakurai, a trustee of the association who played a pioneering role for optical technology research, leadership and propagation and made great contributions to the development of optoelectronics industry technology, the award is given to the persons whose research and development of new technology contributed to new developments in optoelectronics industry and who played pioneering roles contributing to such developments. This year, 2 groups out of 14 groups, including members of our company, were awarded the prize for contributions since 2007.


CTO Hakaru Mizoguchi gave an award reception commemorative speech on November 2 at the Photonic Network Technologies Study Group, which was organized by the association and held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Mizoguchi made the following comments. “ArF excimer lasers have become essential light sources for the semiconductor industry, which is now said to be a 40 trillion yen industry. We could not be more grateful to receive this prize and be rewarded for contributing to the society through the ArF excimer laser for semiconductor lithography we developed and implemented that plays a pioneering role in the industry. During the development, we were greatly assisted by Dr. Shuntaro Watanabe, who is an emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo, and we are extremely happy that he is able to receive the prize with us as a member of our group. I would like to express my gratitude once again. We look forward to continue the research and development of unique, ground-breaking technology around excimer lasers, in order to contribute to the development of global industry.”


From left to right: Mr. Fujimoto, Mr. Mizoguchi, Mr. Watanabe, and Mr. Kakizaki