Updated status of Gigaphoton Group Concerning the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Report #5)

April 1, 2020

We offer our deepest condolences to those who have died due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We wish a speedy recovery of infected people and sincerely hope that the infection will be contained soon.
There is no change in status of the Gigaphoton Group concerning the infection prevention measures for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) since Report#4, issued on 24 March 2020.
Status of employees
To prevent any impact due to the spread of infection to our production, support activities, and operation of factories of our customers. We are implementing measures such as restrictions on overseas and domestic business travel, working from home and working in shifts.
Production and Supply Chain
There are no serious problems with the production and supply capabilities of our suppliers at present. The production of laser products and spare parts remains uninterrupted. However, one of the risk factors is that some suppliers are using parts from out side of Japan. We will continue to watch the situation in this regard.
Service Support
In regard to service support, headquarters functions such as a parts supply and technical support are being carried out as usual. On-site service support to individual customers, please contact our local representative or at the contact information given below.
We will continue providing appropriate information through our web site.
Gigaphoton Inc.
President and CEO
Katsumi Uranaka

Media inquiries:
Corporate Planning Department
Kenji Takahisa: web_info@gigaphoton.com
TEL: +81-285-37-6931
For inquiries regarding supply chain:
Purchasing Section, Production Department
Hidenobu Kameda: hidenobu_kameda@gigaphoton.com
Rika Shimizu: rika_shimizu@gigaphoton.com
TEL: +81-285-28-8433
For inquiries regarding service support and distribution:
Customer Support Department
(Japan) Takayuki Mizokami: takayuki_mizokami@gigaphoton.com
(Overseas) Kenny Oka: kenji_oka@gigaphoton.com
TEL: +81-285-8409/8423
For inquiries regarding business discussions:
Sales Department
Kiyotaka Uchida: kiyotaka_uchida@gigapoton.com
TEL: +81-285-28-8415
For other inquiries:
Administration Department
Mayumi Nakamura:
TEL: +81-285-28-8410
Overseas Offices Contact Information
Gigaphoton Korea: 史承學(Seung Hak, Sa)sh_sa@gigaphoton.com
Gigaphoton Taiwan: Satoshi Oka  satoshi_oka@gigaphoton.com  / 呉健賢 ken_wu@gigaphoton.com
Gigaphoton China: Daisuke Satou daisuke_satou@komatsu.com.cn  / 何胜杰 heshengjie@komatsu.com.cn
Singapore Branch: Jason Lim Jason_lim@gigaphoton.com
Gigaphoton USA: Dennis Smith  dennis.s@gigaphotonusa.com  /  James Graves james.g@gigaphotonusa.com
Gigaphoton Europe: Erik de Bekker  GPE_inquiry@gigaphoton.com