October 5, 2020

Recognition of high-quality product management over a long period

On September 17, 2020, Gigaphoton received the “Quality Excellence Award” at the “ASML Supplier Day” (held in Veldhoven, Netherlands, participation was online this year) hosted by ASML, the world’s largest manufacturer of lithography systems. Gigaphoton has been recognized as a “supplier providing excellent quality” by ASML for the second time, after receiving the same award in 2017.

Among the suppliers of ASML from around the world, only six companies have been conferred the award this year, and Gigaphoton was the only company to receive the award for quality. The award is a testament to Gigaphoton’s near perfect MQP(Material Quality Performance) over past 3 years, Mature SPC(Statistical Process Control), and Mission Statement ‘Quality First’.

Katsumi Uranaka, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gigaphoton, Inc., said: “On August 1 of this year, Gigaphoton celebrated its 20th anniversary. I am delighted to receive this prestigious award in our milestone year. All our employees will continue to work together and contribute to our customers by providing products with the best technology and quality”.
The prize money of 2500 euros will be donated to the Health Promotion Division of Oyama City in line with Gigaphoton’s policy of contributing to the health of the people in the community.

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2020年9月17日、ギガフォトン株式会社は、世界最大の露光装置メーカーであるASML社主催の「ASML Supplier Day」(オランダ フェルトホーフェンにて開催:今年度はオンライン参加)にて、「品質が優れているサプライヤー」として”Quality Excellence Award”を受賞しました。ASML社からの表彰は2017年の同賞受賞に続き2回目となります。
今回表彰を受けたのは、世界中にあるASMLサプライヤーの中でわずか6社ですが、その中でも品質に関する受賞はギガフォトン1社でした。これは、ギガフォトンの長期に渡る高度な製品品質管理・洗練された性能管理体制・品質第一宣言 が評価された結果です。



TEL: 0285-37-6931
Eメール: web_info@gigaphoton.com