Hakaru Mizoguchi, Senior Fellow at Gigaphoton, Receives IAAM Scientist Award

 On October 28, 2020, Gigaphoton Senior Fellow Dr. Hakaru Mizoguchi was awarded the "IAAM Scientist Award".

 The IAAM (International Association of Advanced Materials) is an international society for advanced materials science based in Sweden (https://www.iaamonline.org/), and The IAAM Scientist Award is a prestigious award that honors excellence in research. In the past, many prominent researchers and university professors have been honored, but it is rare to receive the award for industry arena like this time.

 Dr. Mizoguchi said: "I am deeply grateful to IAAM for giving us this prestigious award. I regard this award as a message that Gigaphoton's sincere commitment to science-based development has been widely recognized. With this encouragement, we at Gigaphoton will continue to push forward with research and development of cutting-edge technology and contribute to the development of industrial technology.”