On August 19, to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus throughout the country, the Japanese government has extended the declaration of a state of emergency to 13 prefectures (from August 20 to September 12), including Tochigi Prefecture, where Gigaphoton’s headquarters are located.

We request our customers and suppliers to refrain from visiting our company’s headquarters as much as possible. If a visit is unavoidable, please make an appointment with our contact person and note that you will be asked to fill out a “Prior Confirmation” form.

For information about visiting our offices outside of Japan, please contact our overseas offices listed at the end.

<Our countermeasures against new coronavirus infection>

  1. Mandatory handwashing and mask wearing
  2. Employee temperature check every morning
  3. Distribution of the New Coronavirus Infection Response and Employee Behavior Manual
  4. Prohibition of unnecessary business trips, both domestic and overseas, except for service support.
  5. Telecommuting for all employees who can work from remote locations
  6. Recommendation of online meetings with customers and suppliers.

*If you have any questions, please contact us at the contact information below.

We offer our deepest condolences to those who have died due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and wish a speedy recovery of infected people and sincerely hope that the infection will be contained soon

President and CEO
Katsumi Uranaka

Media inquiries
Corporate Planning Department
Kenji Takahisa: web_info@gigaphoton.com
TEL: +81-285-37-6931

For inquiries regarding supply chain
Purchasing Section, Production Department
Hidenobu Kameda: hidenobu_kameda@gigaphoton.com
Rika Shimizu: rika_shimizu@gigaphoton.com
TEL: +81-285-28-8433

For inquiries regarding service support and distribution
Customer Support Department
(Japan) Takayuki Mizokami: takayuki_mizokami@gigaphoton.com
(Overseas) Kenny Oka: kenji_oka@gigaphoton.com
TEL: +81-285-8409/8423

For inquiries regarding business discussions
Sales Department
Kiyotaka Uchida: kiyotaka_uchida@gigapoton.com
TEL: +81-285-28-8415

For other inquiries
Administration Department
Mayumi Nakamura
TEL: +81-285-28-8410

Overseas Offices Contact InformationGigaphoton Korea
史承學 (Seung Hak, Sa): sh_sa@gigaphoton.com

Gigaphoton Taiwan
Eiji Miyamoto: eiji_miyamoto@gigaphoton.com
Limei Cheng: limei_cheng@gigaphoton.com

Gigaphoton China
Tetsuya Ogawa: tetsuya_ogawa@komatsu.com.cn
何胜杰: heshengjie@komatsu.com.cn

Singapore Branch
Jason Lim: Jason_lim@gigaphoton.com

Gigaphoton USA
Dennis Smith: dennis.s@gigaphotonusa.com
James Graves: james.g@gigaphotonusa.com

Gigaphoton Europe
Erik de Bekker: GPE_inquiry@gigaphoton.com