Yuya Sashikubi (Gigaphoton Inc)

In December 17,2021 to Dec. 20, at Tokyo Big-Site (Tokyo, Japan), Yuya Sashikubi, Skills Competition Team in Gigaphoton, got a fighting-spirit award at Tokyo Skill Olympic 2021 at his first invitation of factory-electric-equipment tournament as a representative player from Tochigi prefecture.

Since 2016, staffs in Gigaphoton have participated in The Skill Olympic every year and has got awards in each year (except ’16). The Skill Olympic is an irreplaceable tournament of engineers’ skill in Japan. About the field of factory-electric-equipment, many skillful players gather from many kinds of famous company and schools, and compete with other players hardly. Yuya was only one player from Gigaphoton  in this year, who was under pressure, but he did his best, and got an award with a silver medal.

Gigaphoton continues to contribute to the industry with tireless efforts, and we will work to develop human resources who can play an active role in the world by developing excellent engineers. 

The Skill Olympic is the traditional tournament since 1963, which engineers (over 40 kinds of skills) participate in and compete with other engineers for getting champion, on purpose to grow up young engineers in Japan. Only under-23-years-old engineers can participate in. In the 2021 tournament, it held with no audiences concerned about COVID-19 effects.

reference ( notice : Japanese Only ) : https://www.javada.or.jp/jigyou/gino/zenkoku/