We do not observe any damage or impact on employees’ lives, buildings, production facilities, customer support, etc. due to the Earthquake off the coast of Fukushima on March 16th.

I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to the affected people due to the earthquake that occurred at 23:36 JPT on March 16th off the coast of Fukushima as an epicenter.

As of today, we have confirmed that all Gigaphoton employees and facilities in Oyama, Hiratsuka, and other locations in Japan are unharmed. And we have also confirmed that it has not affected on our production facilities..

  1. Overview
    We had started checking the safety of our buildings and facilities since the morning of the 17th, and we have confirmed that there is no damage that would affect our business activities.
  2. Details
    ・No damage has been observed on our production facilities. We resumed production activities     since 9:00 JPT on March 17th.
    ・Our customer support capabilities are unaffected.
    ・We are currently investigating the impact on our supply chain.

Katsumi Uranaka

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