Gigaphoton launches free trial access to Fabscape, the semiconductor industry’s premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics

OYAMA,Japan – August 2, 2022 – Gigaphoton Inc., a manufacturer of lightsources used in semiconductor lithography, today announced the launch of the Fabscape trial program for developers. The trial will provide participants with free access to various developer tools for Fabscape, an open platform built to streamline equipment monitoring and analytics for the global semiconductor industry.  

Fabscape is an open, end-to-end data and application platform that can allow chip manufacturers to develop applications that retrieve, transform, visualize, and utilize data across virtually all tools in the production line, regardless of the vendor. Built on a microservices architecture the vendor-independent platform enables developers to quickly build and deploy custom solutions using virtually any programming language as well as leverage existing code.

Yuji Minegishi, General Manager at Gigaphoton said, “Through years of working with global semiconductor manufacturers, we noticed that each one struggles with unique challenges that became increasingly complex as chip technology advanced. We realized that juggling multiple proprietary software solutions was only increasing these challenges for our customers. There had to be a better way. To help solve the problems we regularly see across the industry, Gigaphoton was inspired to develop an open, vendor-independent data and application platform that could be used to build exactly what chip manufacturers need, regardless of the vendors they do business with.”

The Fabscape platform is newly released to the public, but Gigaphoton has been perfecting the open platform over the past five years by using it to develop custom intelligence solutions for their customers. Many of the largest semiconductor manufacturers across the globe have been using the platform for years to support Gigaphoton lightsources. Now, they (and anyone) can use it to build and integrate solutions across their entire production line.

Katsumi Uranaka, President and CEO of Gigaphoton, said, “Our vision is for this platform to help move customers beyond siloed solutions that often hinder productivity across the semiconductor industry. Global chip manufacturers are already using Fabscape to run the custom extensions we’ve built for our lightsources. We’re able to develop customized solutions that solve unique challenges for each chip manufacturer very quickly. Now, we’ve made our open platform development environment available to  further accelerate efficiencies for the global semiconductor industry.”

The free trial program is geared toward the developer community and offers risk-free access to the Fabscape platform for a limited time. Developers will have access to the Fabscape developer tools and will be able to create customizable dashboard views, port existing code, and build custom extensions. The Fabscape trial program is available now. Developers interested in beginning a 3-month trial can learn more and start right away by visiting

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