New resource serves to help semiconductor manufacturers identify the gaps in their analytics capabilities and define a path toward advancing their analytics maturity.

OYAMA, Japan – October 13, 2022 – Gigaphoton Inc., a manufacturer of lightsources used in semiconductor lithography, has published an e-book and diagnostic survey dedicated to helping semiconductor manufacturers achieve greater analytics maturity.

The e-book introduces a new way of thinking about the intersection of semiconductor manufacturing processes, advanced technology, and yield optimization. Manufacturers are urged to consider how mature their operations are in three key areas: hardware, analytics software, and data management.

A maturity model created by Gigaphoton further breaks down the definition of analytics maturity into five separate stages: initiate, propagate, integrate, automate, and radiate. Manufacturers are provided with the opportunity to participate in a diagnostic assessment in the form of a 17-question survey that pinpoints their maturity on a sliding scale of 1-5, mirroring the stages in the maturity model.

Yuji Minegishi, General Manager at Gigaphoton said, “For most semiconductor manufacturers, gathering data isn’t the problem. What’s challenging is the process of turning the data into actionable intelligence. To achieve a more advanced degree of manufacturing analytics maturity, it’s important to determine where the greatest impediments and opportunities lie. We have designed our maturity model and assessment to help manufacturers accomplish exactly that.”

Upon completion of the assessment, respondents are provided with personalized score results and suggestions for how to embark on the next stage of analytics maturity.

Score results also provide details about Fabscape, the software solution that Gigaphoton designed to fill gaps in data monitoring, management, and analytics. Fabscape is an open, end-to-end data and application platform that can allow chip manufacturers to develop applications that retrieve, transform, visualize, and utilize data across virtually all tools in the production line, regardless of the vendor.

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