Adopted for Manufacturing of 2.5D/3D Semiconductor Package Processing

Oyama, Tochigi; December 8, 2023, Gigaphoton Inc. (Head Office: Oyama, Tochigi; President and CEO: Katsumi Uranaka), a manufacturer of lightsources for semiconductor lithography, announced that it has  installed the “G300K” ultra-fine ablation processing lightsources at a package substrate manufacturer.

G300K, a KrF excimer laser for ultra-fine ablation processing

Gigaphoton has applied its expertise in semiconductor lithography lightsources to develop a lightsource for ultra-fine ablation processing for advanced packaging processes.

The latest addition to its lineup, the G300K, is an excimer laser based on KrF (248nm) wavelength, which is connected to the processing equipment for semiconductor package substrates. It achieves high power, high repetition rate, high uptime, and long lifespan.   The excimer laser is primarily used in the process of creating small holes with a diameter of 10μm or less, as well as trenches. It is expected to be adopted for the manufacturing of 2.5D/3D packages utilizing chiplets, which are projected to increase primarily for server applications.

Katsumi Uranaka, President and CEO of Gigaphoton said, “In Gigaphoton, alongside our research and development of lightsources for semiconductor lithography, we have also been exploring various possibilities for the application of excimer lasers in other fields. Through this journey, our product, the G300K, has been integrated into ORC MANUFACTURING’s equipment and installed for the first time in the semiconductor package substrate industry. We have faced numerous challenges along the way, but we are delighted with this installation. As a critical lightsource manufacturer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, we will continue to contribute to the industry through continuous research and development on new processes to facilitate the further implementation of excimer lasers.


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