A new product in the GIGANEX Series, the G300K is a 300 W Krf laser for next-generation ultra-fine ablation processing – a high output, highly reliable model that helps to reduce Cost of Ownership (COO)

The KrF laser, G300K, is a new model that joins the GIGANEX lineup. Based on the concept of “optimizing processing” such as for ultrafine ablation, the G300K maximizes the return on investment (ROI) of our customers while maintaining high output and high availability of at least 99%. As the basic platform, the G300K uses our KrF light source for semiconductor lithography, the G41K, which has sold more than 900 units. We have also newly developed and installed a power supply and laser chamber optimized for high output. This will help maximize our customers’ ROI by improving productivity and reducing COO in next-generation ultrafine ablation processing in the back-end process of semiconductor manufacturing.

Key Features

High repetition and high output

The G300K achieves a high repetition rate of 4,000 Hz and a high output of 300 W, which puts it in a league of its own as a KrF laser for processing. Ultrafine ablation processing is now possible in areas where it was once out of the question with previous UV lasers.

High availability

As a lithography KrF light source for semiconductors, the G300K carries the baton of the reliability provided by the G41K, which boasts a track record of more than 900 units, and realizes high availability of at least 99%.

Long lifespan

Built to withstand intense productivity, the G300K carries forward the heritage of our semiconductor manufacturing light sources with its long-lifespan module, and also helps to improve the yields and reduce the maintenance costs of our customers by having long maintenance cycles.

General Specifications

Item Value*
Wavelength 248 nm
Average Output 75W 300W
Pulse Energy 75mJ 75mJ
Repetition Rate 1000Hz 4000Hz
Application Next-generation ultra-fine ablation processing
(*) Each of the above specification values represents a typical value.