Gigaphoton Starts Shipping “s” Series Functions for GT6xA ArF Excimer Laser Series

OYAMA, JAPAN: July 9, 2012 — Gigaphoton, Inc., a major lithography light source manufacturer, has announced that the company will begin shipping “s” series hardware and software products in the 3rd quarter of 2012.  This will provide for further enhancement of lithography exposure performance and significant, additional reduction of the operating costs and downtime of the GT6xA ArF excimer laser series for multi-pattern immersion lithography scanners.

The “s” series functions include four types of technologies: sMPL creating greater depth of focus with precise spectrum control using a newly developed line-narrowing module (LNM) and dedicated software; sGRYCOS lowering operating costs with a newly developed chamber; sTGM reaching higher uptime with a combination of a newly developed absolute wavelength calibration module (AWM) and control software; andsMONITORING ensuring high performance stability with sophisticated monitoring software. In the semiconductor industry where fierce price competition is common, it is essential to enhance equipment performance and reduce operating costs and downtime. Gigaphoton’s “s” series functions perfectly meet these requirements.

The “s” series functions are included on the GT63A model as standard features*1 and are available as upgrades for the GT60A*2, GT61A, and GT62A.

“It is very important that the excimer laser used for lithography scanners enhance exposure performance and throughput as well as ensure reliability. But, satisfying these requirements at lower cost is equally important. We will start shipping the “s” series functions to match these needs. I believe this will create additional value for our customers. We at Gigaphoton will continue to respond to our customers’ trust with leading-edge technologies and support teams,” said Hitoshi Tomaru, president of Gigaphoton.


About Gigaphoton
Since its founding in 2000, Gigaphoton has developed and delivered user-friendly, high-performance DUV laser light sources used by major semi-conductor chipmakers in the Pan-Asian, US and European regions.
Gigaphoton's patented, innovative LPP EUV technology solutions will lead the way to cost-effective, highly productive lithography sources for high-volume production. With a global business outlook, Gigaphoton strives to be the world’s number-one lithography light source provider, focusing on end-user needs in every phase of its business, from research and development to manufacturing to best-in-class reliability and world-class customer support.


*1)  sMPL is provided as an option.

*2 ) sGRYCOS is not compatible with the older GT60A model.