An ArF Excimer Laser that Contributes to Productivity Improvements, for Immersion Exposure Devices Intended for Sub-10nm Nodes.

GT65A, the seventh generation of platforms using the injection lock method, is installed with leading-edge technology and achieves further improved productivity (wafer output) for the customer through “exposure performance improvements” due to changeable spectral width (E95) and improved stability, “high availability” due to extended module lifespan and “reduced environmental load” as it is helium free.

Key Features

Changeable spectral width (E95)

The spectral width can be modified in order to suit various customer requirements and uses. For example, the spectral width can compensate for contrast performance variations in different generations of exposure devices. Also, it is possible to match OPC characteristics between equipment or between masks due to the changeable spectral width functionality*1
*1) This functionality varies according to the connected exposure device.

Improved spectral width (E95) stability

The spectral width control speed has been successfully increased to 20 times that of previous equipment. This ensures that the spectral width is more stable during equipment operation and allows for a reduction in critical dimension errors.

Extended module lifespan

By extending the main module lifespan, the maintenance frequency has been decreased even further. This makes it possible to operate the equipment for extended periods of time.

Helium free

Technology that uses zero helium for ArF excimer laser operation is installed. This contributes to a reduction in customer costs and a reduced environmental load.

General Specifications

Wavelength193 nm
Average Power≥60 W
Pulse Energy10.0 – 20.0 mJ
Max Repetition Rate6,000 Hz
Bandwidth (E95)0.20 – 0.45 pm
(*) Each of the above specification values represents a typical value.