6 kHz Excimer Laser for Hyper N.A. Immersion Lithography Tools

6 kHz Excimer Laser Supporting Immersion Lithography Tools with N.A. of 1.3 or more

Less than a year after we began mass-production and shipment of the GT60A, Gigaphoton has successfully developed the GT61A. Model GT61A offers a 30% improvement of spectral bandwidth (E95%) from that of the GT60A as well as a longer laser chamber life to reduce both downtime and maintenance cost. The GT61A, the third-generation model of the GT series, features the same injection-locking platform as that used by models GT40A and GT60A, which already have been accepted by major users in the global semiconductor industry. The design concept and reliability of the GT series are highly acclaimed in the industry. Because it is based on the same platform, the GT61A maximizes standardization and enables the use of common components, thereby ensuring that users can achieve high reliability right from the outset.

Key Features

Improved Spectrum Performance

Improving on the GT60A, which achieved a spectral bandwidth (E95%) of 0.5 pm, the GT61A reaches a spectral bandwidth of 0.35 pm. In addition, a newly developed high-precision measuring instrument and stabilization mechanism are provided as a standard feature, allowing highly stable spectrum performance throughout the entire life time. The GT61A represents a great contribution to the stability of the lithography process.

High Reliability and High Stability

With its lengthened laser chamber life, the GT61A enabled a reduction of down time for maintenance as well as reduced maintenance cost. A major advantage of the GT series is the ease of module replacement and serviceability, ensuring the high reliability and high uptime essential in today’s semiconductor fabs. The GT61A leverages the same platform as that of the GT40A/GT60A, thereby maximizing standardization as well as enabling the use of common components to ensure high reliability even from the beginning of its introduction.

General Specifications

Wavelength193 nm
Average Output60 W
Pulse Energy10.0 mJ
Repetition Rate6,000 Hz
Bandwidth (E95)0.35 pm
(*) Each of the above specification values represents a typical value