Evolutionary Immersion Lithography Lightsource Driving Lithography Performance

In the manufacturing of state-of-the-art devices, high productivity is required along with the scaling. Said state-of-the-art devices must meet requirements for lithography patterns transferred to wafers, especially EPE (Edge Placement Error) and high productivity. As a lightsource, by reducing CD LER/LWR (Critical Dimension Line Edge Roughness/Line Width Roughness), which directly affects EPE, the GT80A provides improved yield at mass production sites.

The new immersion lithography lightsource “GT80A” has successfully enhanced the repetition rate by 12.5% with newly developed modules. This leads to a 36% reduction in speckle contrast compared with GT65 and contributes to further reduction of LWR/CDU (Critical Dimension Uniformity). These advancements enable further improvement on process yield and support high productivity in the production of leading-edge nodes.

Key Features

Improved yield with state-of-the-art nodes

GT80A achieved the reduction of speckle contrast by 36% and LER/LWR improvement by enhancing repetition rates and applying new optical module.
These advancements will enable improved yield in the production of leading-edge nodes in lithography.

High level of availability

With the incorporation of newly developed modules, GT80A has achieved the enhanced repetition rate. This will contribute to higher yield in the production of leading-edge nodes.

Providing sustainability solutions

Equipped with helium-free technology as standard, the GT80A is an environmentally friendly lightsource that mitigates the risk of a supply shortage of rare gas and also uses technology to reduce the energy consumption of utilities.

General Specifications

Wavelength193 nm
Output60 – 90 W
Repetition Rate6,750 Hz
Spectral width
(95% integral energy – E95)
300 +/- 1.5 fm wafer average
FeaturesA solution to reduce EPE
Improvement of Reputation Rate
Sustainable Solution
(*) specifications are representative values