KrF 4 kHz Excimer Laser for up to 130 nm Technology Nodes

As the upgrade version of the second-generation model of 4-kHz excimer laser G41K, G41K-1H is mounted with a magnetic-levitation laser chamber and highly efficient line-narrowing and monitor modules on the G41K platform as standard features to achieve a high output of 40 W, one class higher than any other product. The G41K-1H has prolonged the life of each optical module to 30 billion pulses (50% longer than the G41K). The G41K can be upgraded to the G41K-1H in the field by replacing their modules.

Key Features

  • Higher output of 40 W/ultra-low CoO by further enhancing the emission efficiency of the G41K
  • Use of the TGM software allows prolongation of the gas life by an additional 100% compared with the conventional life
  • Higher reliability proven by hundreds of laser units running in the field

General Specifications

Wavelength248 nm
Average Output40 W
Pulse Energy10.0 mJ
Repetition Rate4,000 Hz
Bandwidth (FWHM)0.35 pm
Bandwidth (E95)1.1 pm
(*) Each of the above specification values represents a typical value