1-kHz KrF Excimer Laser for 0.25 µm to 0.18 µm Design Rule

Stability and durability are the biggest technological challenges for an excimer laser, because it uses fluorine, high-voltage discharge, and deep UV, all of which are highly reactive. As well as stability and durability, an excimer laser light source for lithography tools requires high monochromaticity for the laser beam and high uniformity for the output energy.
As the world’s first excimer laser light source that satisfies all of these requirements, the G10K has earned a top reputation in the lithography light source market since it was marketed in 1997. This model is still operating in the field world wide.

Key Features

  • Stable emission and high durability for achieving high uptime and low cost of ownership
  • Gigaphoton’s original RF pre-ionizer and newly developed high-voltage pulse power supply allows great improvement of emission stability as well as great enhancement of durability
  • A sufficient performance margin for each module and a complete quality assurance system ensure high reliability of the product

General Specifications

Wavelength248 nm
Average Output10 W
Pulse Energy10.0 mJ
Repetition Rate1,000 Hz
Bandwidth (FWHM)0.6 pm
Bandwidth (E95)2.0 pm
Energy Dose Stability0.5 %
(*) Each of the above specification values represents a typical value