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A cutting edge excimer laser combining the Gigaphoton GT Series and new technology

We are convinced that GIGANEX, newly created by consolidating the technology and know-how acquired by Gigaphoton from manufacturing excimer lasers as semiconductor lithography light sources, and combining that technology and know-how with the technology of its customers, can also generate new innovations in fields other than semiconductor lithography as a high performance DUV light source.

Expected Fields of Application
FPD manufacturing processes, and flexible device manufacturing processes, Semiconductor manufacturing processes

High Output Excimer Lasers

Because the GIGANEX Series was designed on Gigaphoton’s GT platform and devised for maximum universality, it can be expected to be highly reliable. Also, it has inherited the high output and high oscillating frequency that are the characteristics of the GT Series and can be expected to realize designs that deliver even higher throughput.


High Repetition Type Excimer Lasers

Model G300K GT600K
G300K GT600K
Wavelength 248 nm
Max Pulse Energy 75 mJ 100 mJ
Max Output 300 W 600 W
Max Repetition Frequency 4 KHz 6 KHz
Body Size 1975 x 800 x 1950 (mm) 2800 x 820 x 2120 (mm)
Body Weight 1600 kg 3400 kg


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